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'Auctions in Action' Home Study Course

I’m extremely pleased to announce that I have now launched the 'Auctions in Action' Home Study Property Auction Course, designed to provide both complete newcomers and seasoned property investors with everything they need to know about finding and buying property at auction.



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It goes without saying…

I’ve obviously visited more auction properties than I’ve had hot dinners. I have covered a wide variety of properties that have been sold at auction – everything from suburban semi’s, Martello towers, windmills, churches, barns, lock up garages and even public conveniences! So if you are looking for property to buy, auctions are likely to be good hunting ground for you.

By the end of the course, I hope it feels like I have personally lead you by the hand through the property auction maze, whispering in your ear with my 25 year's of property experience and auctions knowhow.

Why buy property at auction…

Auctions are busy places, yet still only around 6% of properties are transacted through this channel. Why?

Perhaps because the auction process is still a mystery to some and can be risky – to the unprepared.

But auctions present a huge potential with rewards available for simply being in the right place at the right time. They offer all the benefits of significant capital gain and quick and secure turnaround without the pitfalls that plague standard property sales and purchases...


For example there are absolutely no chains involved. Your property purchase is purely based on being the highest bidder in the room. And the process is quick and easy...

Because the hammer is final…

Once the hammer falls you will be able to instantly start planning your future project, since auction properties complete in 28 days OR LESS! That means booking in your builders or signing tenancies can be precisely planned.

Once the hammer falls there is no more uncertainty, the property is legally yours and no-one can pull out of the deal. And once the hammer falls all bids are off. You can't lose your new asset to a last-minute high bidder. That's right; gazumping has no place at a property auction!

There is no such thing as a typical auction property…

Some properties require just a little TLC and can gain significant value for minimal cost. For example, one couple made £70k on a property just by cleaning the carpets! How about that for an instant uplift? Yes, it really can be that easy to profit from an auction!

You could create an instant income stream with ready-made Buy-to-Lets Or you could make significant capital gains by finding a real bargain that needs anything from a quick refresh to a full rebuild (and I will reveal where these gems can be found – they really do exist!)

One analysis suggested that 90% of ‘cheap’ properties are sold at auction – so if you are looking for bargains, you should definitely be scouring the auction catalogues.

Then there are those perfectly situated HMOs that can bring you a fabulous return on your investment. Better still, some of them are already tenanted and booked up for the forseeable future.

Or how about buying some land and building a house from scratch? Around a third of new properties are built on land that is attached to an existing property. At auction, people have bought properties with land and have gone on to sell that land alone for more than they paid in the first place. Just stop for a moment and imagine that!

So if you are new to property investing…

The 'Auctions in Action' online property auction course could be a great way for you to get started.

Or if you are an experienced investor, I will be revealing those extra little-known tips that can help your business soar, including how to create the perfect portfolio structure and how the auction can feed properties effortlessly into it.

The 'Auctions in Action' online property auction course is video based…

It comes with comprehensive downloadable workbooks and supporting materials towork through while watching me on the videos.

To add flexibility to your learning we have added an audio version of the course which is available for you to download on to a cd or iPod so that you can make the most of your time when you are travelling by car, train or plane.

The great thing about this online course is that you can learn at a time and in a place that suites you. You can pause at any time to enable you to learn in chunks that suite the time you have available. What’s more you can watch the course over and over and use it as a reference manual to dip in and out of to find the facts you need at the time you need them.

The regular price of the 'Auctions in Action' online property auction course will be £497 but if you act right away you can benefit from the course with this special launch price of just £297.

Launch Price Offer Just £297 

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In the 'Auctions in Action' online property auction course, I will reveal…

• Tried and tested auction tactics that work, day in and day out, for the auction experts
• My top auction tips you never see on TV plus the 10 common mistakes people make when buying property at auction.
• Why 99% of amateurs get property auctions hopelessly wrong and what to do about it
• The top 10 things to research before you enter the auction room
• How to understand the legal pack and to see through the auctioneers' tactics.
• The types of property available at auction, which to buy and which to steer clear of
• How to raise money for auction properties.
• My top bidding strategy tips
• What to do after the hammer falls – if you have the winning bid or if the reserve hasn’t been met.
• How to spot major defects in a property and how to cost effectively overcome them.
• Selling your own property at auction – 6 reasons why you should and 4 reasons why you shouldn’t


Beware - preparation is vital…

Auctions are fun and you can land yourself with the bargain property of a lifetime. But after reading this you may think that buying at auction is easy. However, they are no place for the reckless wannabe.

You must be forearmed with knowledge and know exactly how to prepare for the auction day and how to behave when you get there. Get it wrong and you could end up tied to a wreck.

And that’s why I have created the 'Auctions in Action' online property auction course.

The regular price of the 'Auctions in Action' online property auction course will be £497 but if you act right away you can benefit from the course with this special launch price of just £297.

That’s £297 for …

• My insider tips that will give you the edge in the auction house.

• My 25 years of experience of spotting properties where you can instantly add value.

• The potential to pick up property at 20-30% below market value (that's £30-£40k off a £150k house!) and complete within a month

I will share with you my 25 years of property experience and auctions knowhow and reveal the tried and tested auction tactics that work, day in, day out for the property auction experts.

You’ll learn what to do before, during and after a property auction to ensure you gain the rewards that are available at auction without the pitfalls that plague standard property purchases.

Please order right away as this special launch price offer will soon be…going…going…gone!


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