3 Day Property Training Weekends Further Info


This is 3 days that could literally change your life - and set you on the road to financial independance.  There's never been a better time to invest in property- but now, more than ever, you need to learn the efffective and professional way to do it!


Agenda for the 3 Day Training Programme

• Why do you want to be a property investor?

• Starting with the end in mind

• The essential mindset needed to succeed as a property investor

• A review of the current property market

• The key property investment strategies

• A rapid way to raise starting capital

• Where to find property to buy - the essential approach 
• Buy to Lets, HMOs and evaluation of properties for investment


• Credit files and raising finance
• begging and borrowing the expert way

• Renovating for profit - the good, the bad and the ugly
• Buying at auctions (and repossessions)
•  top tips from the expert
• Leveraging your assets to create wealth - an exercise

• What is your strategy?

• Your next steps - continued professional development


• A summary of strategies covered

• Essential business and tax tips for setting up a property business
• Investing abroad

• Making money in downturn markets
• Project Management - putting together your dream team

• Your next steps


What our Students Say...


Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of the students who have attended have said about this Workshop.


"…We did enjoy the course, it was worth 10 times the £1k we paid and it was lovely to see Martin (Mr Jolly). I'll be recommending it to everyone. We were very very impressed at the amount we learned. Thank you so much."
Miss A J Town


'Very inspirational and insightful. I WILL be financially free.' S. Walters


'Loved the no-nonsense and clear approach of the course. Not a moment wasted. I learnt so much even though I have been property investing for 7 years. All areas were invaluable.' Paula Cayless


'ENERGY, SPEED, CONVICTION - thank you all for showing me the light.' S. Boxley


"The training has changed my life beyond all recognition. I'm now effectively a lady of leisure. I invest in property as and when I want to. I've set up a lettings business which I've now sold on. And I spend time doing things in life that I want to do rather than having to go to work to earn money." Caroline Claydon


If you’re still not sure and would like to come along to a FREE 2 hour 'taster' to find out more about the training weekends, then read on to see where and when our team will be visiting a venue near you.


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Alternatively join me and my team on one of my Special 3 day Property Training Weekends, when we'll teach you what you need to know to become successful as a property investor or developer - and help you avoid costly mistakes.

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